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March 1, 2013

Doug Shea, Light in this Weary Land (amazing and awesome)

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Doug Shea Performs at Rocking Fun Music tm Records, Yes, God Rocks!


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Vs. 1:

I'm going to breakdown, trials all surround

I can't see the end, again, but it's you who I depend


You hold me within your hands, oh Father

With a peace that you understand, my Jesus

Through the pain of this world you've overcome

Your the light in this weary land

Vs 2:

It's true I've seen, my share of suffering

But I hold so dear, believing the promise you made so clear...it's your promise


How can a God of love bring me pain?

How could you and the world be the same?

This is not the world that you made

But it's you we blame...I know, I know

By Doug Shea 2012-13

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FREE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE FOR DOUG SHEA's amazing track..." and  Mighty is Your Name"

Download Free- Mighty is Your Name by Doug Shea: Doug Shea is a popular alternative christian and gospel singer-Doug Shea toured with many national acts. Doug Shea chose not to sign under a record company and stayed independent. He is a non- for profit singer and the organizer of KINGDOM CONCERT-

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