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NevaehAngel blows the crowd away
-BABY -Bieber cover

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See part 2 

Published on Dec 7, 2013

We're HERE..... here it is full HD -some upsetting topics some cool -some -learning experiences - These 2 gentlemen are regulars and bring in a unique insight- very knowledgeable -Mark on the left -walked to WOODSTOCK in 1969-from Wisconsin -
Today is a really happy day and a big day for me -because of a series of FORTUNATE events, our reality show 
Rocking fun Music tm Records WGAw (optioned- available via Amazon, #smartphone, netflix, x-box, rogu, google tv, apple tv, blah, blah...) 
"YOUTUBE'S ALL REAL," very first reality show- Will be broadcasting it's RETURN to semi-Live- HD - (filmed uploaded) "In Store and in Stereo" series today. 
Many , many strange and unique things happen behind closed doors (sometimes OUT ON THE STREET " at a mad music store, located in Burlington, WI -home to Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys and also the world famous "VORTEX" Conference , hosted by the SCI-FI Cafe'.

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See full review of Devour The Day -with Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner-and crew 

The Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner- Gonzo Journalism , at its best-Kellie Levans 

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November 12, 2013

Devour The Day-Move On, and up

Sunday November 10th, at Route House 20 music venue, we had a great night of rocking fun and more.

Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner was on location, to review Memphis made, but Chicago famous, Devour The Day SEE MORE 
Devour The Day -Move On
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This series features tracks from the vault of Westwood -Germany-USA-and all the places in-between-

Be sure to check out the latest release by Dave German, "JESSE," Produced by veteran master-mixer,  Chet Bennett -also be watching for more innovative collaborations between -Dave German and Chet Bennett 

From the creators-
 Performed by Dave German and co-produced by Chet Bennett (former CBS producer and chief mastering engineer), this CD goes back to the days before the "loudness wars" occurred, and are still occurring, in which every song was made to be as loud as possible at the cost of the natural dynamic range. This CD was recorded and mastered using old-fashioned analog equipment such as the Toft ATB mixing boards, Urei tube compressors, and Universal Audio LA610 tube pre-amps. Needless to say the sound is genuinely retro. Oh, the songs are pretty good too!
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Learn more about international recording artist DAVE GERMAN and veteran producer , Chet Bennett -

Premium track from the exclusive archives of Dave German 

Spirits in the Wind 
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$1.00 For a Stop Heroin Bracelet would help the addicted/recovering youth community 

Submit mp3 to rockingfunmusic1969@gmail.com 

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See KIID KROME -web and world wide-

Welcome to the KIID KROME movement his first solo album will be dropping summer of 2014. be on the lookout for KIID KROME's Entertaining The City-
Kloud Hypnotik


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Ben Draiman, piano and vocal virtuoso; (wiki-superior technique or execution in fine arts) shares his excellence across the oceans with his EP , The Past Is Not Far Behind. A six track masterpiece, The Past Is Not Far Behind, &nbsp...
Ben Draiman, The Past Is Not Far Behind

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October 15, 2013

Promotions 4 Pennies

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It was an honor and a pleasure speaking with Billy Sheehan of The Winery Dogs. The Winery Dogs will be making an appearance at the Northern Lights Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on October 17th, located inside the Potawatomi...
The Winery Dogs in Milwaukee October 17th, 2013,  Potawatomi Casino

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Aerosmith, Kid Rock, Cheap Trick , ZZ Top , altogether 60 bands in all , will be performing Lake Michigan side at Henry Maier Festival Park. Home to the largest music festival in the world, Summerfest, for 3 days , August 29th...
Come Home To Milwaukee - Harley-Davidson® 110th Anniversary Celebration

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The vintage record store and teen outreach center is nestled in a small town not even a dot on a Google map. Located on the way to Band Camp.Surrender The Fall, with tour crew, roll into the...
SURRENDER THE FALL at Rocking Fun Music tm Records &Teen Outreach

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WJJO , Madison rock station , is sponsoring one of the top events in Wisconsin , August 17th , at Willow Island, in the historical capitol city , also known as "Mad Town U.S.A ," Madison , Wisconsin. Welcoming artists...
Surrender The Fall, Nonpoint, Sevendust rolling into  Band Camp

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Don't wait One Pretty Minute, to add this four piece rocked and loaded band , from Columbus Ohio, to your playlist.I first heard about One Pretty Minute from the recording studio network at BROAD HORIZON RECORDS, INC...
One Pretty Minute -Addict

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By Kellie Levans -Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner @kidkel69 also Patrick Dunigan @crusher3389

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The Brat Stop in Kenosha, Wisconsin , was packed with wall to wall people rocking and rolling on Saturday July 20th. This was the largest and most amazing line-up , I have ever experienced at the venue.The Milwaukee Rock...
The Examiner with Lajon Witherspoon from Sevendust and  Blake & Joey from Devour The Day

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What better way than to "devour the day" by hopping in your car Saturday night , and heading to The Brat Stop located in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Doors open at 7:00 P.M , and the show begins at...
Come meet up with the guys from Sevendust, Devour The Day, and The Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner crew.

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Imagine Dragons, Ninety degrees, and people, what does that all add up too?Record breaking attendance records, concert side, for the largest music festival in the world, Summerfest 2013.Gates had to be opened and people had to be...
Summerfest -Imagine Dragons concert Record

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When you talk guitar prodigies you may think of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Eddie Van Halen, to name a few of the axe legends.Now you can add Teo Ross, a young guitar virtuoso...
Teo Ross, debut CD , ROAD TO NEVERLAND

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Because of the internet , Indie has taken over the music industry. Artists or bands no longer have to sign their souls over at the crossroads ever again.Promotions Are Us is a service for the good times...
Kellie Levans is one of the top sought after promoters in the music business

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Guest Review by Wendy Greenslade-Locked In PhotographyEditor-Kellie Levans On Friday, I attended Tomahawk’s show at The Vic Theatre, located just north of downtown Chicago. This vintage theater exhibits culture and originality. A...
Mike Patton of Tomahawk

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May 23, 2013

3 Minutes To Live

When you hear the band name , 3 Minutes To Live, you wonder , where are they Live at? This heavy and hard hitting band out of Nashville , is using the internet in a way , that radio play and popularity are...
3 Minutes To Live

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May 20, 2013


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My work is my love and my passion.

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Tomcat Joe (Malta) and his posse of seasoned musicians are not just kicking up rockabilly style music, in the city Milwaukee, they are now available by download.Tomcat Joe is a popular live event attraction making sure the...
Tomcat Joe-Easystreet Rock

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Doug Shea & the Circle of Quiet 

 May 31, 2016
℗ 2016 Doug Shea

 ( performance above) filmed at Rocking Fun Music tm Records and Music Ministries 
-when the  track was newly born -
Now the song and video are breathing mercy, grace,  and love - through our Lord Jesus Christ -
itunes reviews- 


Vs 1:
Father I'm here I lay it all down. My wants, desires and dreams.
For you are my King , I'll follow your lead. Release your Spirit in me.

Chorus 1:
Lead my heart I'll follow your servant call. 
Lead my heart, break down every wall.Today I, 
I surrender this life I have. Align my heart to send!

Vs 2:
These burdens I have This pride I hide. You nailed them to your cross
 For my soul is on fire With a love so real. I am yours and yours alone

 Bridge 1:Come and lay your burdens down All the broken, weak and 
bound...You said,Come and lay your burdens down All the broken, weak and bound
Oh Father! Here I lay my burdens down! 

My Jesus! Here I lay my burdens down!Oh Spirit! Here I lay my burdens down!My king! 
On my knees I humbly bow!


2:Your Love renews, fill me up again! A Love so real, Spirit Fire begin!Your Love renews, fill my heart again! 
A Love so real,  here I am to send!
Here I am please send me now! My Jesus! Here I am please send me now!
Oh Spirit! Here I am please send me now!
My King! To you I humbly bow!

Chorus 2:
Lead my heart I'll follow your servant call.
 Lead my heart break, down every wall.
Today I, I surrender this life I have.
 Oh, I surrender this life I have.Yes! I surrender this life I have. 
Align My Heart To Send  

Doug Shea is a popular alternative christian and gospel singer- Doug Shea toured with many national acts. Doug Shea chose not to sign under a record company and stayed independent. He is a non- for profit singer and the organizer of KINGDOM  CONCERT-

DOWNLOAD TODAY -listen and download today -Kellie Levans http://www.itunesreviews.com 

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Jeff Hanneman, the innovative guitarist of the popular death metal band Slayer, passed away on Thursday, May 2nd, with his beloved wife by his side in a Los Angeles hospital. Jeff Hanneman's...
Jeff Hanneman forever  reigns in thrash metal history

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April 30, 2013

Rock Your MOTHER

Mother, a dramatic name, and a dynamic band out of New York City , to sport such a strong word and the commanding sound to go with it. Mother has released the already highly acclaimed CD, &nbsp...
Mother on tour with Saving Abel

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Doug Shea Performs at Rocking Fun Music tm Records, Yes, God Rocks!


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A mother fights through a sea of hands Fists are raised with no loving glance

She looks on up at a crucifix in her way The greatest symbol of love transmogrified into hate

And a wash of anger in her heart takes place With our judgmental view that change our Fathers face

When all she needed was a love she never knew Where we see one heart beating, He sees two

Where would we be if Jesus thought like us? Would He hang upon a cross?

Would He leave a throne to be a servant for unworthy souls?

Live with perfect love and truth? Take our punishment that was due?

Would He ever say "Father forgive them for what they do?"

A man struggles with the problems of his life Never much for God, but maybe now it's time

The church door bares the latest political sign Realizing maybe God and him don't align

Then a wash of fear in his heart takes place When our personal view cloud our Fathers face

When all he needed was a safe place he could run Where we pick one side He picks none

He loved the undesirable and the poor Gave peace to the meek and hope restored

Stood up for a woman condemned to be stoned Let a friend betray Him and then be sold

He picked cowards to represent His grace He was mocked, hit and spit in the face

From beggar to soldier His heart was the same And theses are the people who cursed His name

What if we put down our fists and our signs and see through His eyes...Through His eyes, Through His eyes, Through His eyes...

Thank you Jesus you're not like us Thank you Jesus you're not like us

Thank you Jesus you're not like us Thank you Jesus you're not like us

© Doug Shea 2013 ASCAP/StormCrowJonah

FREE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE FOR DOUG SHEA's amazing track..." and  Mighty is Your Name"

Download Free- Mighty is Your Name by Doug Shea: Doug Shea is a popular alternative christian and gospel singer-Doug Shea toured with many national acts. Doug Shea chose not to sign under a record company and stayed independent. He is a non- for profit singer and the organizer of KINGDOM CONCERT-

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