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November 3, 2013

Sound of Your Voice- WESTWOOD FT: Dave German & Rusty Young from Poco-Steel Guitar Players Hall of Fame 2013


This series features tracks from the vault of Westwood -Germany-USA-and all the places in-between-

Be sure to check out the latest release by Dave German, "JESSE," Produced by veteran master-mixer,  Chet Bennett -also be watching for more innovative collaborations between -Dave German and Chet Bennett 

From the creators-
 Performed by Dave German and co-produced by Chet Bennett (former CBS producer and chief mastering engineer), this CD goes back to the days before the "loudness wars" occurred, and are still occurring, in which every song was made to be as loud as possible at the cost of the natural dynamic range. This CD was recorded and mastered using old-fashioned analog equipment such as the Toft ATB mixing boards, Urei tube compressors, and Universal Audio LA610 tube pre-amps. Needless to say the sound is genuinely retro. Oh, the songs are pretty good too!

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