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April 14, 2013

NOT LIKE US by Doug Shea- New Album Pre-view (Kingdom Bridges)

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Doug Shea Performs at Rocking Fun Music tm Records, Yes, God Rocks!


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A mother fights through a sea of hands Fists are raised with no loving glance

She looks on up at a crucifix in her way The greatest symbol of love transmogrified into hate

And a wash of anger in her heart takes place With our judgmental view that change our Fathers face

When all she needed was a love she never knew Where we see one heart beating, He sees two

Where would we be if Jesus thought like us? Would He hang upon a cross?

Would He leave a throne to be a servant for unworthy souls?

Live with perfect love and truth? Take our punishment that was due?

Would He ever say "Father forgive them for what they do?"

A man struggles with the problems of his life Never much for God, but maybe now it's time

The church door bares the latest political sign Realizing maybe God and him don't align

Then a wash of fear in his heart takes place When our personal view cloud our Fathers face

When all he needed was a safe place he could run Where we pick one side He picks none

He loved the undesirable and the poor Gave peace to the meek and hope restored

Stood up for a woman condemned to be stoned Let a friend betray Him and then be sold

He picked cowards to represent His grace He was mocked, hit and spit in the face

From beggar to soldier His heart was the same And theses are the people who cursed His name

What if we put down our fists and our signs and see through His eyes...Through His eyes, Through His eyes, Through His eyes...

Thank you Jesus you're not like us Thank you Jesus you're not like us

Thank you Jesus you're not like us Thank you Jesus you're not like us

© Doug Shea 2013 ASCAP/StormCrowJonah

FREE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE FOR DOUG SHEA's amazing track..." and  Mighty is Your Name"

Download Free- Mighty is Your Name by Doug Shea: Doug Shea is a popular alternative christian and gospel singer-Doug Shea toured with many national acts. Doug Shea chose not to sign under a record company and stayed independent. He is a non- for profit singer and the organizer of KINGDOM CONCERT-

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